The Women's Political Partnership, a Divine Duty
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The purpose of creation is to attain the ultimate perfection and God's proximity. It is only possible to attain this lofty position by regard to perfect human beings. To resort to the infallible Imam (P) in order to recognize the right path has been recommended to the first Muslim woman and man as starting point of their movement.

    Imam Al-Kazim (P) quoted from his father Imam Al-Sadegh (P) that the holy Prophet (P) said to Imam Ali (P) and Khadijah (P) when they declared their faith, ”Gabriel calls you to take the oath of allegiance to Islam and says that Islam has conditions including struggle in the way of God (Jihad) and waiting in case of doubt and resorting to the Imam. This is because there is no doubt for the Imam and the facts are quite manifest for him.” The holy Prophet (P) is not only addressing a woman named Khadijah, but his words are addressed to all women.

    The necessity of following the Imam's guidance by women is also emphasized in other traditions including a tradition from Imam Al- Bagher (P) about the Prophet's Household (P), which says, ”Those are binding by God on every man and woman.”

    In other traditions it has been suggested that by devotion to the Imam, (P) simply the acceptance of their leadership is not meant but it necessitates a deep understanding of this Imamat. Therefore when Salman and Abuzar said to Imam Ali (P), ”We ask you for the understanding of your knowledge.” He answered, ”I swear by my life that such knowledge is an obligation on every man and woman". He then added, ”I am the Commander of the faithful men and women in all ages, past and future."

    In addition to the afore-mentioned traditions it is narrated that the holy Prophet (P) said in his sermon, ”Ali is the leader of every faithful man and woman." Then he ordered respecting and following of him and said, ”Anyone who is in pursuit of growth and perfection must ask him for guidance.” He also said, “any man or woman who rejects our leadership and opposes our being near to us and considers any government contrary to what we have prescribed as legitimate. That person will be associated on the Day of Judgment with his non-religious governor and the agents of his error except those who have dissimulated or have considered the policies and the interests of the religion.”

    The verses of the Holy Quran also suggest that it is a divine duty for women as well as men, to establish and follow the Islamic government. The Holy Quran precisely states that when women are in a position where their interests and wishes are in contrast with the commandments of God or the laws of the Islamic government they must not prefer the former on the latter.

    Let us conclude this chapter with some words by the Revolution’s great leader, Imam Khomeini (R.A) concerning the duty of the Iranian women and men towards the Islamic government. “The preserving of Islam is an obligation beyond all obligations, that is, there is no obligation in Islam more important than preserving Islam itself. If, therefore, the preserving of Islam is a great obligation and in addition to the greatest obligation, the preservation of this Islamic Republic of Iran is the greatest obligation on the whole nation and on all of the clergy (Sahifah of Nur, Vol.15, P203). He also said, ”Islam is a religion for which the prophets (P), the holy Prophet (P) of Islam, his Children and his Companions (P) suffered and sacrificed. It is what has come from God, and if, God forbidding, it fails as a result of our failure, our weak propaganda, or due to the inadequate presence and participation of our nation, be sure that Islam cannot rise for centuries. It is a great obligation and we must all undertake this duty".

Authors: Zahra Ayatollahi
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