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In the history of humankind whenever people have forgotten their divine nature and have deviated towards the course of ignorance, darkness and oppression, the Lord, out of His infinite bounty, has sent them a leading representative (prophet) in order to remove the deep darkness of the society through His light and illuminating their minds. These Prophets of God have become the means of transferring the bounty of the All Bountiful, as well as a guide leading people who are astray.

        With the advent of religion in communities, individuals whose eyes, ears, and hearts were blind, deaf, and sealed by wealth and position became the enemies of the Prophets and sought help from the cunning to create obstacles in the way of God. They dissuaded people from obedience to Him and instead made them bend in worship before themselves. The strongest weapon of the cunning obstacle in deceiving people was having the distinguished the words of God which circulated in the tongue of the Prophets be made as their own; while they internally imprisoned their cries and the reminder of the Creator's innate compact. How could they renounce these facts other than through the distortion of the known facts (cultures), which the apostles of God had presented to the people? Thus scientists deceived by gold and might, were constantly and cunningly deviating people from the right path of God to the wrong course of evil seeking to extinguish the glorious divine light.

        At the advent of the Islamic religion those who regarded Islamic culture as on obstacle in their path towards gaining wealth and power began their efforts to distort the facts in the minds of people. Knowingly or unknowingly ignorant pseudo-scientists caused this darkness to be depend as the fuel- procurers of this conspiracy. Only after the Imam found the opportunity to present the facts the Iranian people rejoiced turning their attention towards the scented and pleasant fragrance of pure Islam. One of the important affairs to which the holy religion of Islam has paid special attention, is the elevation of its’ women. Women who were created with the revelation of the compassion of the All-Merciful, were occasionally subdued by selfish men’s’ power. Such ignorant men: summoned everything to their service in order to achieve their low desires and enjoyments, they took a particular sex into captivity or took colored people or certain tribes into slavery. With the appearance of the Islamic community, all the attempts were made to prevent ignorance in order for all people regardless of their sex, color, and race to reach a status? on their path to God in which, the angles of God may prostate before them achieving the position they attained.

‘ في مقعد صدق عند مليك مقتدر’
        “They shall dwell in a sure abode in the presence of the king omnipoteul” (the moon.55.).

        It is revealed in Islam that is no difference between man and woman when under taking this journey as a human's divine spirit has embarked on this journey and doubts in entertaining and ascribing sex to divine spirit is an extreme erroneous thought.

        With the advent of Islam, women were enlivened and participated in different stages of their development to reach perfection under the leadership of the holy Prophet  (P). As they surpassed men and became the examples of the verse,” and the outstrips: the outstrips are they brought night to the throne". (the terror, 10 and 11).

        After the holy Prophet (P) passed away, the old efforts of lovers and devotees of wealth and position were renewed. One example was to prevent the elevation of women that took place either to isolate women from the scene of the Islamic community or to make them the means of the men's enjoyment; therefore, sacrificing all their human nobility for animal passions and lust. Only during occasions when the people followed their true leaders, women like others, gained their rightful status and consequently traversing their way towards perfection. For example, the change brought about by the Islamic Revolution in Iran, whose leader clamored, ”lest comes a time when Islam shuts the house doors on women, and locks them up in the houses in order not to come out, (women in early Islam went to the battlefiel, ) should they now remain in cages? Who has said this!” Imam Khomeini (R.A.) tore away the veil of ignorance with this roar and called women to strive in the same manner as those during the early days of the Iranian Revolution where active participation of women in different events followed. It follows therefore that in addition to the attempts women made to purify their souls, remove their shortcomings, distance themselves from evil that they also participated in different social activities. Initially they openly participated in the rallies and demonstrations while carrying a child in their wombs and crying.  and throughout all attempts they  at times put  men who refused to help their Imam (leader) to shame.  

        After the defeat of the enemy they took an iron-strong oath of allegiance to the Imam (their leader) and in order to fulfill this promise as they sent their Samuels to the slaughterhouse. When they saw the pure bodies of their martyrs prostrated in gratitude having sincerely greeted Imam Hussain (P), the shamefaced addressed Zainab (P) (his sister) saying, ”we have only offered one or two of our children for His sacrifice, while in one half of a day, you witnessed martyrdom of your two sons, seven brothers, and five nephews, and after the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (P) you were the greatest supporter and protector of the prisoners of war". The Iranian women bearing the memory of 'Ashura' (the day of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain(P) in their mind, attempted to support the Islamic Revolution because they have said for a lifetime,

‘ ياليتني …’

        "If only we were with you, then we would have prospered, a great salvation". Now the time and place to prove this claim has arrived and appeared, striving to overthrow the 2,500-year rule of evil, defend the ideals of the revolution, oppose and confront the atheistic and eclectic thoughts and ideas were manifestations of this sacrifice. They tried to illuminate the minds and confront the enemy. During the imposed Iraq-Iran  war by persuading their men to attend the fronts, providing material support for the combatants and undertaking the rendering of and aid services to the battle fronts, as well as taking care treating of the injured and wounded they were a great factor in victory over the enemy. Many examples of the Iranian women's efforts which were very effective in the triumph of the truth over the falsehood are: their admirable patience as being the family of the martyrs, the disabled, the MIA’s and the POW’s. Their assistance to the families of the martyred and disabled, in addition to, undertaking the protection of their household and family in the absence of their combatant husbands.

        Women's social partnership is occasionally conflicting with a divine right or the people's right of the public. It causes approved and desirable restrictions for women which, if not paid due attention, will bring them nothing except property and position. Imam Khomeini (R.H.) has remarked in this respect, ”In the Islamic system, women have the same rights as men, the right to study, the right of ownership, the right to vote for and to be voted for, and they have rights in every aspects exactly like those of men. However, as some things are forbidden for men because they cause corruption, in the case of women too, there are things, which are prohibited because they are the sources of evil. Islam wants to preserve the human prestige of men and women".

        The supreme leader too, has emphasized, ”Islam intends that women's mental, scientific, social and political growth, above all, their virtuous and spiritual growth reach the highest point”. Thanks the Bountiful God for opening to us the gates to travel towards the true human position as a result of, the great change in our lives. Women, by means of the Islamic Revolution, pray to God to grant all success, not to deviate from the right way and be steadfast in continuing the right path. Both left and right are errors, and it is only the divine right path whose traversing is proper for the honorable human being. We humbly beseech the Bountiful God to grant us also success in continuing our way and to grant us the power to prove our sincerity in love and friendship to Mahdi, the twelfth Imam (P). This is evidently clear, because we rise whenever we hear his name, urged by the memory of assisting him, and seek to him frequently in our prayers of allegiance to him,

‘ اللهم اجعلني … ’

        "O God include me among his helpers, and his defenders, and those who hasten to him to meet his needs, and carry out his orders, among his supporters and those who hasten to execute his intentions and ultimately include us among the martyred in following his way”.

Authors: Zahra Ayatollahi
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