Fulfill your promises to your children

عده من اصحابنا ، عن احمد بن محمد ، عن علی بن الحکم ، عن کلیب الصیداوی قال : قال لی ابوالحسن علیه السلام : ءاذا وعدتم الصبیان ففوا لهم فاءنهم یرون انکم الذین ترزقونهم ءان الله عز و جل لیس یغضب لشیء کغضبه للنساء و الصبیان.

Imam Ali (P) said: Once you make a promise to your children, fulfill it and do not break it, for, your children consider you as their sustainers. God would not be wrathful against anything more than violating women’s and children’s rights.

Source: Usul-e-Kafi, Vol.6, Pg.50
Speaker: Imam Ali (P)
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