Recommendation of the Prophet (P) on courter’s proposal

قال : كتب مولانا الجواد عليه السلام إلى علي بن أسباط فهمت ما ذكرت من أمر بناتك وأنك لا تجد أحدا مثلك فلا تفكر في ذلك يرحمك الله ، فان رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله قال : إذا جاءكم من ترضون خلقه ودينه فزوجوه ، وإن لا تفعلوه تكن فتنة في الارض وفساد كبير

 Ali, the son of Isbat wrote a letter to Imam Javad (P) and stated that he had not been able to find people that match him in faith and morality to marry off his daughters to. The Imam responded by writing: "I realized what you wrote regarding your daughters. May God bless you with His Mercy and Kindness. You need not be so careful in regards to your daughters. The Prophet (P) has recommended us to accept a courter's proposal to marry our daughters should his morality and religiousness be acceptable. Else sedition and great corruption would occur on Earth."

Source: Bihar al-Anwar, Vol.100, Page 373
Speaker: The Prophet (P)
Narrator: Imam Javad (P)
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