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Imam Ja’far ibne Muhammad as-Sadiq (peace be upon him) has said that: “Reciting the Qur’an from the pages of the Qur’an (meaning to look at it and recite it - not from memory) lightens the punishment of one’s mother and father, even if they are both disbelievers.” Usulul Kafi, Volume 2, Page 613
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Muslim Woman Goes to Trump Rally with Hijab and Quran

Contrasting Rose Hamid’s defiant presence at a Donald Trump rally last week, Kaddie Abdul’s appearance at a Trump rally left an apparent indelible impression in her mind.

In a first-person account of the experience, Abdul detailed her experiences in The Guardian.

Wearing her Muslim hijab, and carrying an over-sized Quran with her, Abdul mingled with many Trump supporters. Abdul said she felt inspired to follow Hamid’s example and be a voice for her faith among those who might not share her views, like many ofTrump’s supporters.

Muslim Woman Goes to Trump Rally with Hijab and Quran

"I spoke to several lovely people and had the type of informative and substantive discourse that one should expect at a political event,” Abdul wrote.

Echoing Trump’s own criticism of the mainstream media Abdul wrote, "And it was interesting to hear Trump and his supporters’ viewpoints for more than just the few seconds offered by most soundbites.”

Abdul concluded, "His supporters are people, not caricatures. They feel marginalized economically, politically, and socially; they see a world different from the one they think should exist. Many non-Trump supporters are also concerned about the current economic and political state of our planet and its implications for a stabile future for our children…We cannot continue to believe that they represent a fringe group of people and that their candidates can never be elected to a major role in government. We need to see them, and listen to them…”

Abdul seemed to describe an epiphany, "it was worth the risk to me to show them that their insecurities about Muslims were unfounded. It was worth it to humanize Muslims for them.”


Source:  : iqna.ir

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