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Imam Ja’far ibne Muhammad as-Sadiq (peace be upon him) has said that: “Reciting the Qur’an from the pages of the Qur’an (meaning to look at it and recite it - not from memory) lightens the punishment of one’s mother and father, even if they are both disbelievers.” Usulul Kafi, Volume 2, Page 613
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Nigerian Muslim Women to Resist Ban of Hijab

The Muslim Public Affairs Centre (MPAC) Nigeria has lamented the possible ban of the hijab in the country as an affront to the religious freedom of Muslim women.

MPAC Executive Chairman, Disu Kamor, said such sentiments by President Muhammadu Buhari, which he made during a chat with media on Wednesday, were unnecessary, News24 reported.

“As the nation confronts grave issues that affect our national security, unity and prosperity, we are plagued with excessive and unnecessary talk about secondary issues and folklore like the role that a piece of cloth on the head plays in countering terrorism,” said Kamor.

Kamor said contrary to some comments made during the chat, there was no single country in the world that has banned the hijab specifically as a counter terrorism tactic.

The official said that aside, the argument that religious profiling would enhance counter-terrorism efforts was manifestly flawed and counter-productive.

“Those who support the use of this measure and call on the government to stop Muslim women from fulfilling one of their religious obligations are stuck in a constrained model of thinking, refusing to shift their focus and policies to positive models of constructive engagement,” said Kamor.

He said banning the hijab to enhance security will amount to “taking one step forward and two steps backwards” as the terrorists would act out of character and change their tactics.

Kamor argued putting a ban on an issue that united Muslims as an integral part of a Muslim woman’s obligation to Allah would potentially set the administration in a collision course with the Muslim community, and strengthen the will of “bigots” who had always made life difficult for Muslim women.
Source:  : iqna.ir

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